Becky (dakotapie) wrote in weheartwine,

SF Chronicle Wine Competition

The results have been announced and there are a lot of familiar (to me) names on this list.

Strangely, as recently as two weekends ago I've had several wines from one of the winning wineries and I don't get it. The tasting room is beautiful, the people friendly(ish) and helpful, but the wines? Not good enough to justify their price range.

Frankly, I was kind of surprised by some of the winners. Not that I don't think these are good wines, but they're not the BEST wines from that particular winery and there are certainly better wines from other wineries to be found. A good example is Benziger winning in the Pinot Noir category. Really? I was at Benziger and tasted the pinot and it was NOT the wine I wanted to buy.

Obviously I'm not the end all be all of what's good or not and I probably have very different tastes than the judges, but I would love to hear their justification for some of these wins.
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